Service robotics modules obtain cleanroom certification in accordance with EN ISO 14644

Service robotics modules obtain cleanroom certification in accordance with EN ISO 14644

Pilz (Germany) - Press Release: Work in cleanrooms with Pilz service robotics modules!

Modern production or development procedures very often require environmental conditions in which airborne particle concentration must not exceed limit values. Cleanrooms have an extremely low concentration of airborne particles and are always required when the existing air particles could disrupt or negatively impact on work.

The demand for cleanrooms is diverse. They are in demand in semiconductor manufacturing, medical technology, optical and laser technology as well in the sterile production of medicines and foodstuffs. Various standards are used in the classification of cleanrooms.

Service robotics modules: Cleanroom certification in accordance with EN ISO 14644:

Pilz service robotics modules are certified in accordance with EN ISO 14644. This standard states specifically that contamination from particles is to be avoided in semiconductor technology. On the other hand the ISO standard governs the sampling conditions – e.g. the minimum number of sampling locations per area. DIN EN ISO 14644-1 defines the new cleanroom classes from ISO 1 to ISO 9. The strictest requirements apply for ISO 1, which represents the cleanest class. The requirements lessen as you move towards ISO 9.

In the Colandis certification procedure the manipulator module PRBT 6 from Pilz was tested for ISO 3 and found to be good. This means that the service robotics modules are predestined for all cleanroom work in this category – e.g. when wafer handling in microelectronics production.

Want to know more about the service robotics modules and cleanroom certification? We would be happy to advise you!

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