Safety gate system PSENmlock - Safe guard locking and safe interlock in a single product!

Safety gate system PSENmlock - Safe guard locking and safe interlock in a single product!

Pilz (Germany) - Press Release: The safety gate system PSENmlock offers safe interlocking and safe guard locking for personal and process protection up to the highest category PL e.

Safe guard locking is possible because the guard locking device has dual-channel operation. As such the switch is particularly suitable for use on machines with a hazardous overrun, which also require safe guard locking up to PL d or PL e.

Combined with Pilz control technology, the result is a safe, complete solution for guard monitoring.

PSENmlock with series connection:

In addition to the basic type of the PSENmlock, we also offer another type for series connection. This enables a cost-effective installation thanks to reduced wiring work and series connection of the safe input and output signals.

In combination with Safety Device Diagnostics (SDD) you can have targeted control of individual switches or gates - without expensive individual wiring in the control cabinet.

SDD also enables simple, comprehensive diagnostics of the safety switches, so reducing downtimes. This gives you economical series connection and minimises your wiring work.

PSENmlock with escape release:

As an optional accessory, the two types of escape release can be combined with all PSENmlock types:

  • A bar is used to connect the PSENml escape release directly to the base unit.
  • The PSENml escape release cordset is mounted on the PSENmlock via a pull-push wire. It allows the safety gate switch and the escape release to be installed in a physically separate location.

PSENmlock with pushbutton unit PITgatebox:

Combine PSENmlock with the pushbutton unit PITgatebox to get additional operator and pushbutton elements: from E-STOP pushbuttons and illuminated pushbuttons to key switches and key-operated pushbuttons. Four different types of the PITgatebox are available.

PSENmlock with appropriate door handle:

We offer a large range of compatible accessories – perfectly tailored to the safety gate system PSENmlock. With the right handles for swing and sliding doors, you have an economical, space-saving solution for safeguarding safety gates. No need for an additional handle!

New: PSENmlock types with automatic reset:

In addition to the PSENmlock types with power reset, types with automatic reset are now also available. With these types a power reset is not required after the escape release has been operated, so there’s no need to shut down the power supply.

The reset occurs by resetting the escape release and closing the protective device. Emergency release cannot be used on types with automatic reset.

Benefits of the safety gate system PSENmlock:

  • Safe guard locking and safe interlocking up to PL e / SIL 3 in a single product
  • Guard locking cannot be activated accidentally due to the integrated restart interlock
  • The flexibly mounted actuator ensures high tolerance compensation – even with sagging gates
  • Long service life thanks to mechanical robustness and robust housing
  • Reduced power consumption during operation
  • Reduced wiring work thanks to series connection
  • Simple, comprehensive diagnostics in combination with SDD
  • Simple installation and low-maintenance solution with remote escape release
  • Additional operator and pushbutton elements in combination with PITgatebox

Features of the safety gate system PSENmlock:

  • Meets all requirements of EN/ISO 14119:
  • Product types: Basic type and type for series connection
  • Coding types: coded, fully coded, uniquely fully coded
  • Safe holding force of 7500 N, integrated latching force of 30 N
  • LEDs on 3 sides of the housing
  • Protection type IP67
  • Connection: M12, 8-pin, pigtail
  • Auxiliary release on 3 sides
  • Escape release and remote escape release

Robust design and high holding force for heavy doors:

With a holding force of 7500 N, the safety gate system PSENmlock prevents guards from being opened unintentionally and offers maximum safety.

Thanks to the optional escape release, PSENmlock can also be used on accessible gates to machines with danger zones in which visibility is poor. The remote escape release offers the option of installing the safety gate switch at a place that is inaccessible to the operator, meaning your employees have optimum protection in the event of danger.

The type with series connection is ideal wherever multiple doors have to be fitted with safety gate switches and networking of the sensors plays an important role. Compared with series connection in the field without Safety Device Diagnostics, working with SDD allows you targeted control of individual switches or gates. You also benefit from rapid, comprehensive diagnostics in the event of a fault, enabling high machine availability at all times.

If additional operator and pushbutton elements are required, combine PSENmlock with the pushbutton unit PITgatebox. Complement your safety gate application with the appropriate handles.

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