DIAS Infrared launched a New Generation of Infrared Cameras to measure high temperatures

DIAS Infrared launched a New Generation of Infrared Cameras to measure high temperatures
DIAS Infrared GmbH (Germany) - New generation of infrared cameras from DIAS Infrared for the measurement of high temperatures for quality assurance processes.

DIAS presents a new generation of infrared cameras for non-contact temperature measurement at the fair Control in Stuttgart, the word leader fair for quality assurance. The infrared camera is made for high temperature applications, e.g. in the metal industry like induction hardening, casting and forging.

DIAS Infrared is market leader in the area of infrared cameras, which measure temperatures in the near infrared spectral range (NIR). The latest development is the fixed infrared camera PYROVIEW 512N, an appropriate solutions for the needs of users in the high temperature field. The benefits of the infrared camera are the large continuous measurement range from 600 °C to 1500 °C and a high measurement frequency of 60 frames per second. Thanks to the measurement spectrum in the near infrared spectral range (NIR) from 0,8 to 1,1 µm, the influence of the emissvity on the measurement accuracy at high temperatures in very low.

You don’t need to switch between two or more measurement ranges during operation thanks to the large, continuous measurement range. Also the measurement accuracy has been substantially increased. DIAS offers flexible housing solutions for its infrared cameras. In addition to the aluminium compact housing (IP 54), there is a robust stainless steel industrial housing IP 65) with water cooling and air purging. The new infrared cameras can be used in various industrial applications, such as process control and monitoring, quality assurance in metal, glass and cement industry.

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