Deltalogic launched the latest version of the Accon-EasyLog Data Logger

Deltalogic launched the latest version of the Accon-EasyLog Data Logger
Deltalogic Automatisierungs GmbH (Germany) - With the data logger ACCON-EasyLog, DELTALOGIC provides users with a software which includes an intuitive operator interface, allowing a quick and simple read-out and storage of data from the PLC. ACCON-EasyLog now communicates with both the Siemens controls (LOGO! 0BA7, S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500) currently available as well as the Sigmatek automation systems. The software has been designed for use with the operating systems Windows XP, 7, 8.1, Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012 R2. Since the data logger can even be operated without any user action being required, it can conveniently be run as service in the background. Thus, the software can be installed in the server room where nobody will switch it off by mistake.

Being a complete reprogramming, the conceptional design of the data logger now allows universal data sources and different configurations to be operated simultaneously by using one single program. The data is logged either time-controlled or event-driven. The logging process can be linked to a large variety of options. The data is saved in CSV format. Any number of these files can be stored in parallel in different locations which is for example very helpful in the case of a PLC with limited ressources, only. Especially customers from the plastics industry widely benefit from ACCON-EasyLog being compatible with the control system ALS of Arburg (Loßburg), the leading manufacturer of injection moulding machines.

Compared to the predecessor version (ACCON-S7-EasyLog), the software offers quite a few advantages concerning the operator interface. User-friendly features, such as a wizard-driven parameterization, the ability to put out both i/o values as well as text and the use of "virtual variables" which are calculated from the PLC values have been added. New functionalities include the simple export and import of the ACCON-EasyLog parameterization for copying from one computer to another. In addition, they allow the buffering of data in case of CSV file opened in Excel and thus locked as well as the recording of the current and the previous dataset which can be very helpful when a product is changed.

If required, Deltalogic offers special customisations for ACCON-EasyLog at reasonable prices, too. The next development steps will be to save data in a SQL database and to have the history of the recorded data quickly displayed at a glance by even visualizing the graphical trends.

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