New Compact Magnetic Rotary Encoders from TR Electronic

New Compact Magnetic Rotary Encoders from TR Electronic
TR Electronic (Canada) - TR Electronic has recognized the demand in the market for an IP69K certified encoder, and has developed the industry’s first magnetic IP69K encoder.

IP69K-36mm Encoder Solid Construction:
The 36mm encoder owes its IP69K rating to its press fitted and potted (epoxy filled) construction. The sealed housing design means that the rotating shaft never actually enters the internal electronics cavity. The poled magnetic field in the rotating shaft passes through the encoder base and is received by the Hall Effect IC (magnetic principle) on the inside of the encoder. This technology makes the 36mm Encoder Series the optimal choice for users concerned with the ingress of solid or liquid foreign contaminants. The IP69K certification provides peace of mind that these encoders will deliver reliable measurements and exceptional performance where other encoders could fail.

36mm Encoder Put To The Test:
To receive the IP69 rating, the IP69K encoder was exposed to high water pressure of 80-100 psi at a temperature of 80°C. A function check was run before and after the test. The results were very clear; the encoder passed the test with ease. ("9" stands for high pressure protection, and "K" stands for the high temperature of the liquid used [hot water]).

What to Remember About TR 36mm Rotary Encoders:
The 36mm Series of advanced rotary encoders from TR Electronic are made up of incremental, absolute single and multi-turn rotary encoders. This encoder series also includes an incremental and absolute 36mm bearing free option that gives the customer the ability to mount an external magnet in the existing shaft and place the encoder on that shaft for wear free angular position feedback.

Highlights of 36mm Rotary Encoders:
  • IP69K Protection Rating (option)
  • Can withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Perfect for applications with space constraints
  • High reliability in fluctuating temperatures (Hermetically Sealed)
  • Extremely durable
  • Magnetic scanning technology
  • Advanced, proven, multi-turn technology

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