New Robotic Loading Option for Vertical Kartnr

New Robotic Loading Option for Vertical Kartnr

Paxiom Group (United States) - EndFlex announced the addition of a new robotic loading option for its BoxxerTM KartnrTM automatic vertical cartoning machine. Engineered to vertically form a chipboard carton, insert the container and then close the carton, this compact machine can now be easily adapted to transfer products of many sizes and odd shapes into the standard loading station, especially tall products that are more difficult to load with a standard cartoner.

“The pairing of this new robotic option into our flexible Kartnr allows our customers to not only reduce the risk and expense associated with manual cartoning of products, but it also reduces the need for change parts,” said Jorge Perez, Vice President of Operations at EndFlex. “And that reduces client changeover time to only a few minutes, increasing efficiency and maximizing revenue.”

This new robotic option can be configured to pick up two products at one time, providing speeds up to 40 cycles per minute with the option to program for grabbing and releasing varying products between 4.5” and 7.5” tall. The synchronization between the robot and the rotation table can be precisely regulated and machine torque, speed and acceleration can be controlled for many project applications. Robotic programming is done using the standard touchscreen display.

The Kartnr can be equipped to either tuck or glue the top lid of the carton after product insertion and can seamlessly integrate with other machines in the EndFlex family of products including the TraypackerTM top-load case packer and Z.ZagTM robotic palletizer. An optional infeed conveyance system is also available to automatically convey product prior to carton insertion, eliminating the need for human interaction.

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