New PSBN Gearbox Series from Neugart

New PSBN Gearbox Series from Neugart
Neugart GmbH (Germany) – "Our PSBN is the ideal combination of precision planetary gearbox and efficient bearing technology. We have now extended our product range – and succeeded in doubling the nominal torque", shared Neugart.

"The PSBN gearbox series now includes frame size 142 and has a greater performance range. The success story of the combination of the precision planetary gearbox and efficient bearing technology has therefore been continued. Fast speeds and torque of up to 470 Nm at the same time mean more than double the previous nominal torque of the PSBN series", they explained.

The increase in the nominal torque of the PSBN142 by more than 100 percent in comparison to the smaller frame size also makes a good impression in the most demanding of production cycles thanks to the low-friction bearing concept and the optimized lubrication. The PSBN operates extremely reliably with little heat development, and therefore achieves optimum performance, even at high speeds.

The progressive successful recipe of the PSBN with helical teeth for optimum, homogeneous synchronous running has also been continued in frame size 142. Vibration is reduced to a minimum, and the quality of your workpiece surface increases.

"With the extensive performance range and the wide range of ratios from i=3 to i=100, the PSBN will become the drive solution of choice in many sectors of industry. Be it printing or textile machinery, logistics applications, medical engineering or packaging technology, our precision planetary gearboxes are present in more than just one area", stated Neugart.

"Other features are the small backlash of up to inferior to 1 arcmin and the flexible drive flange, which can be adapted to the motor. Perfect sealing from dust and water spray is achieved by the radial shaft seal. Because of its compact design and lifetime lubrication the PSBN can be mounted anywhere and therefore provides greater flexibility, even in the tightest of spaces", they explained.

With the performance increase from frame sizes 070, 090 and 115 to the new size 142, Neugart is providing greater flexibility in the precision planetary gearbox area. Particularly in applications with greater noise sensitivity, the helical teeth make a major contribution to having a quieter drive. Expensive noise absorption measures on the machine are not necessary with the PSBN. This increases the value of the overall system.

"This flexibility continues in the configuration options of the precision planetary gearbox. You can choose between a smooth drive shaft or a version with feather keys. Particularly in special usage conditions, as well as calculating the gearbox it is also a matter of choosing the right lubricant. We can therefore provide you with a special food-compatible lubricant with NSF H-1 approval as an alternative to the standard lubrication for industrial applications. We have also found a solution for you for low-temperature applications up to -40° C at Neugart", concluded the company.

The PSBN is the high-performance precision gearbox with helical teeth for an extremely quiet drive.

  • Low heat generation at highest speeds
  • Helical teeth for enhanced quality
  • Particularly quiet drive
  • Perfectly sealed
  • For any mounting position
  • Lifetime lubrication for maintenance-free operation

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