New Product: VacPack Powered Head Sealer

New Product: VacPack Powered Head Sealer

Plexpack Corp. (Canada) - Press Release: Plexpack has introduced a new equipment offering into the VacPack product line- the VacPack Powered Head Model. This new packaging solution features a moving powered sealing head as well as the vacuum and gas flush features typical of our VacPack line. Designed for bag-in-box applications this piece of equipment delivers strong seals on modified atmosphere packages.

Paul Irvine, Owner and Executive Chair of Plexpack, introduces the latest VacPack solution.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Paul Irvine, and I’m here to show you the VacPack 3600 Powered Head Machine- the newest model in the VacPack line.

This machine will do bags from 24 to 60 inches in width. It will do bags that weigh 20 to 50 pounds standard. It is best in applications like food, brine, meat, meat by-products and chemicals. This machine is 316 stainless and is Nema4X in its design. Great components in this machine include Festo pneumatics, B&R controllers, and Telematic actuators.

Standard features on this machine include different sizes and styles of vacuum nozzle for different vacuum applications and needs. It includes a variable adjustment head which allows the entire head to travel down in case you have problems with the products lifting up as the vacuum is being created. 

This machine also has multiple stages that allows you to vacuum, gas flush, vacuum, gas flash as many times as you want in order that you are allowed to get the O2 residual that you need. It has a large capacity food-grade reservoir in the back in case liquids or dust whatever flows through into the vacuum system it will end up being deposited in that reservoir. That large receptacle has an easy change-out feature on it so you can either wash it quickly or just replace it with another unit.

The seal assembly has its own pneumatic cylinders, which allows for the strongest pressure on the seal and bag to close the bag and seal it. There’s an internal interchangeable filter that can be changed for the pneumatic system to keep all the air clean. 

You can also see there’s a lot of safety features on this machine. You’ll see there’s Lexan covers all around it, uh, double palm this case. That allows us to make it as safe as we can while allowing the operator to get into the machine in order to place the bag into it.

Options on this machine include bolt-on footpads or casters, conveyors which can also be Nema4X in their construction, vacuum pumps, they include a bag stretcher, and they can also include different heights if that’s what you need.

This machine allows you to take big bags bag-in-box-type applications, allow you to get great vacuum and seal so that you have very little air in the bag. It will allow you so you can wash down the machine, it will not allow for bacteria safe harbourage.

All-in-all, a great machine made here in Canada that we’d love to talk to you more about.

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