New Gemco Design, High Accuracy, Simple Installation and Service on Linear Displacement Transducers

New Gemco Design, High Accuracy, Simple Installation and Service on Linear Displacement Transducers

Ametek (United States) - New Compact Housing LDT design is based on industrial know-how and sparring with industrial end-users.

Gemco 958A Compact Housing combines industry-leading shock resistance of 1000Gs, vibration tolerance of 30Gs, high precision and accessibility of field service. 

AMETEK Factory Automation has introduced a rugged, high-accuracy linear displacement transducer in a compact rod-style package. The new Gemco 958A Compact Housing LDT is less than 3.05 cm (1.2”) in depth, which makes it ideal for hydraulic cylinder applications where traditional rod-style transducers will not fit. 

The new design provides simplicity of installation and enables the user to perform field service, on the position sensor fast and effectively. The rod is protected inside the hydraulics, but the electronic housing is accessible, which means fewer long lasting breakdowns, and money saved on industrial equipment, that is not working as intended.

To assure longevity in the most demanding applications such as steel-, mining- or construction -hydraulics the Gemco 958A Compact Housing LDT is designed to deliver industrial-leading tolerances of 1,000Gs shock resistance and 30Gs vibration resistance. 

Magnetostrictive technology ensures absolute analog position feedback, accurate to 0.04% of the programmable sensing distance. The programmable zero and span points and the high accuracy combined with 16-bit output resolution provide reliable, absolute position feedback. This ensures the automation of advanced and valuable machinery with operating pressures on the hydraulic cylinders of up to 5,000 PSI (345 bar), and spikes to 10,000 PSI (689 bar), with response times in milliseconds.

The magnetic position sensor is produced entirely from stainless steel.

Which makes the LDTs ideal for use in food and caustic applications. The Gemco 958A Compact Housing can withstand the cold-water power washing that is often used in agricultural and other challenging environments.

This latest addition to Factory Automations LDT portfolio completes the family of rod style linear displacement transducers. Gemco 953 VMax has already proven its capabilities especially within lumber, steel and industrial applications. Gemco 958A Embedded Housing is well-known and completely embedded in the mobile hydraulics industries. The new Gemco 958A Compact Housing will match the needs from all the above mentioned industries as well as others, such as mining, heavy duty, wood works, railroad grinding – industries that demand exact measurement and swift service when needed.

Gemco is just one of the world-leading brands manufactured and supplied by AMETEK Factory Automation.


About AMETEK Factory Automation:

AMETEK Factory Automation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of process position feedback solutions within linear and rotary position feedback.

The company offers the most complete line of automation products for sensing the position of mechanical motion gear in locks and dams, cranes, steel mills, packaging systems, lumber mills, gantries, bridges and more. If it moves, it’s tracked with absolute accuracy by our industry-leading rotary and linear sensors.

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