Force Sensors used for Weight Measurement for fruit and vegetables

Force Sensors used for Weight Measurement for fruit and vegetables

Zemic Europe (Netherlands) - Agrisensys is an internet of things (IoT) solution to gain more knowledge, more measuring and better control of water irrigation among growers of, among others, Hortensia, Phalaenopsis, tomato, eggplant and cucumber. For this purpose, wireless weighing is applied with force sensors from Zemic.

Wireless Value provides wireless solutions for the agri-technical industry and has a broad expertise in the field of radio and antenna technology and the associated signal processing. The engineers of Wireless Value work together in projects continuously to develop wireless technology and embedded software to create a stable platform for wireless information transfer.

Innovation, responding to the needs of the market and therefore meeting the grower's needs, fits well with the mission and vision of Zemic Europe. We believe that we make our customers stronger by helping them to stand out and be successful. As a result, we acquire a preferred position with our customers. If our customers are successful then so are we.

Zemic & Wireless Value:

  • Customized advice
  • Wireless technological innovation bundled with power sensors technology
  • Internet of Things solution
  • Fast delivery of miniature and S-type sensors

How Zemic Europe consulted Wireless Value:

Wireless Value searched for a partner which could supply a custom made miniature sensor quickly. Zemic has a large engineering department so there is the capacity to deliver small batches of sample pieces or to mass produce millions of sensors. This speed enables customers such as Wireless Value to quickly switch with the end users, the growers in this case. For example, test runs can be set out quickly before this solution is rolled out internationally.


In addition to a fast delivery time, it is also very important for Wireless Value to talk directly with a manufacturer of force sensors. Adjustments to existing products for the "best-fit" force sensor are quickly implemented. By communicating openly about the application and combining this technique with Zemic Europe's knowledge of force measurement, the best customized sensors are supplied for the Agrisensys system.

About Wireless Value's Agrisensys®:

For horticulturists, obtaining accurate insight into the climate in their greenhouses is important. By measuring homogeneity in your greenhouse, it is then possible to improve the climate. The AgriSensys system helps to achieve this.

The advantages of using the AgriSensys® for the grower are:

  • A homogeneous climate for efficient business management
  • A controlled moisture balance to prevent diseases
  • Maximum production with minimum energy consumption

With a homogeneous climate the yields increase and the energy costs decrease and that is of course interesting.

Especially with the last two points, the use of force sensors (miniature sensors and S-type force sensors) contributes directly to a good result.

Zemic miniature sensors and s-type load cells:

In the Agrisensys® system, both miniature sensors and S-type load cells are used. However, they are both used as S-type by using the correct accessories. The H3 S-shaped force transducer has the ability to be loaded in tension and compression. In this application the force transducer is pulled (used in tension). The force with which it is drawn gives a change in resistance. This resistance change in mV / V is translated into a weight. These values ​​serve as input for managing the moisture balance in greenhouses.

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