New Cable Tensiometer 9 Cable Set

New Cable Tensiometer 9 Cable Set

Morehouse Instrument Company, Inc. (United States) - Morehouse Tensiometer Cable Calibration Kits feature cables made out of the appropriate material, with the appropriate length as smaller cables will have more tension and less deflection, than stiffer ones. These cables are primarily supplied to USAF which has determined the proper length of the cable tensiometer cable calibration set should be approximately 60 inches should be used. The Morehouse set meets these and other requirements.

Cable Tensiometer Calibration Cable Sets Part # PCM-2MD-STD-9CK:

A cable tensiometer is used during regular maintenance checks to measure the amount of tension in a cable in various industrial applications. These measurements are critical, and, by association, their calibration is critical too. Morehouse has the calibration solution with our Mechanical Tensiometer Calibrator, reference loadcell, adapters, and indicator, along with a set of standard cable tensiometer calibration cables. Morehouse has assembled a kit of 9 standard cables replicating the vast majority of applications for cable tensiometers, specifically for their calibration.

A cable set comprises a bundle of 9 cables of different diameters but a standard length of 60 inches, designed to calibrate the majority of cable tensiometers.

The Morehouse Cable Tensiometer Calibration Cable Sets feature:

  • Nine cables of different diameters designed to calibrate the majority of cable tensiometers.
  • Standard 60-inch cables to accurately facilitate proper calibration as smaller cables (12 - 18 inch cables) may be too rigid.
  • Cables are all proof tested to twice the recommended working load, ensuring correct and safe operation through its work cycle.
  • Compatible with Morehouse Adaptable Clevis Kits for calibrating several types of dynamometers and crane scales with only one set of clevises

Morehouse Cable Tensiometer Calibration Cable Sets (PCM-2MD-STD-9CK) are recommended to be used in our Tensiometer Calibrators.

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