Korenix Launches New Industrial Gigabit PoE Media Converter-JetCon3701G

Korenix Launches New Industrial Gigabit PoE Media Converter-JetCon3701G

Korenix Technology (Taiwan) - Korenix Technology (Sweden Beijer Electronics Group) is pleased to launch the new JetCon 3701G industrial Gigabit PoE Ethernet media converter which provide the users with the selection of Ethernet, Power-over-Ethernet, Transportation Management solutions.
The Korenix JetCon 3701G industrial Gigabit PoE Ethernet media converter is an advanced and cost effective high power PoE media converter. JetCon 3701 is not only designed with IEEE 802.3af / IEEE 802.3at compliance but also has slim metal case and IP-31 protection. For its strong characteristics, it supplies single power input, the functionality of real time redundant power backup results in a real Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter with a non-stop transmission. It also has 10-60V wide voltage inputs for different field using.
Most of Gigabit Ethernet Media converter features Link Loss Forwarding function (LLF) to forward link status change to alert remote or central management system. However, this is only for the cable event and is not enough for industrial network application. JetCon 3701G provides an alarm relay to trigger out a real alarm signal for port or power event. The alarm mechanism can be configured by a simple DIP switch and trigger an external alarm equipment to inform maintenance engineers. It makes a result of maintenance time saving.
The Korenix JetCon 3701G supports graceful traffic management ability, it also compliance with EN50121-4 certification. All of traffic will be forwarding by the packet precedence or priority ID and result as different service priority. Besides, it also filter unnecessary broadcast packet by broadcast storm control and drop abnormal packet to enlarge network performance.
About Korenix Technology:
Korenix Technology, a Beijer Electronics Group Company, is devoted to designing and manufacturing high-quality Industrial Ethernet and Wireless Products to ensure high quality and reliability of industrial networks.

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