Automate America launches elite solution for industrial automation staffing

Automate America launches elite solution for industrial automation staffing

Automate America (United States) - Press Release: A new, disruptive solution to help companies solve their industrial automation contracting has come to the market.

Automate America is the largest community of industrial automation contract professionals and companies in the world. With more than 8,000 professionals and nearly 900 business contacts, Automate America is the place where contract work gets done.

The process is simple … industrial automation contractors create professional profiles and companies post open contract work requests for projects. From there, our software and qualified team help fill those work requests efficiently with open communication and transparency. Rates are clearly posted so contractors know exactly what they will get paid. No hidden fees to companies or contractors.

Additionally, customers are able to openly vet candidates who either apply or are recommended on their work dashboard. They have complete control over who they want and when they want them.

“This is a system that will disrupt the way industrial automation business is conducted,” said Tony Wallace, founder of Automate America. “Our mission is to have a free and fair marketplace that has a positive impact on millions.”

The site is free and open. All work requests are visible to everyone as are professional profiles. Rates are clear and concise; all the while companies are getting the qualified professionals they need, and those professionals are providing quality work.

Automate America has the bandwidth to supply a workforce globally with contractors around the world. This means companies can pull from a range of qualified and skilled industrial automation professionals to do work anywhere.

Visit us now to set up your and start to get work done today! If you are an independent contractor, you will set up a professional profile. If you are a business looking to get work done, you will set up a business profile. 

Once that is complete, one of our staff will reach out and talk to you about what’s next. Remember, it’s free and it’s easy!  Let Automate America be your source to fill industrial automation workforce supply and demand.


About Automate America:

Automate America is the largest community of industrial automation professionals and manufacturing companies with the purpose of creating a free and fair marketplace that provides companies the skilled professionals to get their work done.

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