Article by Multi-Fill: Using a Volumetric Filler To Fill Shredded Meats

Article by Multi-Fill: Using a Volumetric Filler To Fill Shredded Meats

Multi-Fill (United States) - Looking for an easier and quicker way to fill shredded meats? A volumetric filler machine can reduce your packaging time. Here’s how the Multi-Fill MPFSh-075 volumetric filler can be used to shred meats to perfection.

What Are Shredded Meats:

Shredded meat is a preparation of meat that is used for many cuisines. Pulled beef or shredded beef meat is used in many ready-to-eat meals. Pulled pork and shredded chicken are also common meats used for cuisines. The meat packing for shredded beef and other meat includes paper and plastic trays or bowls. 

How Is a Volumetric Filler Used To Deposit Shredded Meats?

Shredded meats need to be packaged and stored away quickly to avoid any risk of contamination. A volumetric filler is advisable for swift meat packing. The Multi-Fill MPFSh-075 volumetric filler is designed for the meat packing industry as it provides quick automatic product feeding for looser products such as shredded meats. 

The volumetric filler machine can help operators to fill over 60-75 containers of shredded meat per minute - speeding up production, packaging, and distribution. The Multi-Fill MPFSh-075 volumetric filler is, therefore, the ultimate solution for the meat industry as it helps operators and businesses to distribute quality shredded meat (and meals with shredded meat) to consumers and clients.

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