Article by Inspiron Systems Ltd.: X-Ray Inspection Benefits

Article by Inspiron Systems Ltd.: X-Ray Inspection Benefits

Food safety is paramount for all Food Manufacturers, many product recalls are caused by the failure to detect foreign objects in packaged foods. Metal Detectors have limitations, and any product recall is damaging to your business reputation and to the consumers health.  X-Ray Inspection Systems give a much higher level of detection and are becoming more the norm for increased product safety.  Traditionally X-Ray systems have been expensive, however, with advances in technology and product development, the cost of ownership is much less than you might think.

Disadvantages of Metal Detectors:

  • Metal detectors cannot detect non-metal foreign objects such as glass, stone, bone
  • Metal Detectors cannot visually show you the position of the foreign object in the product
  • Metal Detectors cannot tell you if the issue is with the product or the packaging
  • There are demanding requirements for the environment such as electricity, vibration, and magnetic field interference
  • For high temperature, high salt content, frozen products, products in aluminium foil, cans, Metal Detectors cannot be used or have very low detection accuracy

A Closer Look at X Ray Inspection:

X Ray detection is ideal for inspecting your products for missing components. The video below shows how easy it is for our X Ray Inspection machines to scan packets of spareribs for missing sauces. To have such a vital component missing would most definitely give your customers a negative opinion of your business and products, thus damaging consumer trust.

Quality Assurance:

Contaminated products, products missing key components or packaging issues can all cause your products to fail quality assurance checks. Failure to pass quality checks means product wastage which results in loss of profits. There is no room for error in today’s consumer driven markets, with social media being such a powerful tool for complaints you need to ensure your inspection process is thorough and the INS-TXE X-Ray is the machine that can help you.

Safety Concerns:

Understandably there are many misconceptions surrounding using X Ray inspection equipment in the food production line. Let’s myth bust!

  • Product is under the X Ray for minimal time
  • Operator is protected by the fact it is a sealed structure, has a soft curtain and the leakage is a minimal < 1 μSv/h
  • Our fully qualified and professional engineers, provide on and off-site training for both engineers and operators to ensure anyone who operates our machinery is doing so in the most safe and efficient way.
  • Ensure your equipment is operating to its highest possible standard we would always recommend taking out a Service Plan. Service plans are a great way to spread the cost of maintaining your machine giving you piece of mind that there will be no surprise cost should an issue arise.


The new slim design makes the INS-TXE easy to integrate into existing production lines and is much shorter than a traditional Metal Detector.

Low energy consumption is achieved by using a low energy generator and all-in-one PC making this an eco-friendly option. The INS-TXE Series gives fantastic detection performance. The INS-TXE model can detect foreign bodies with high accuracy including Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, SUS, Glass and Ceramics.  Detection levels of SUS 0.5mm, SUS Wire 0.3 x 2mm and Glass / Ceramic 1.5mm.  The performance is not affected by the packaging, temperature, or humidity of the product!

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