955 eBrik II LDT Offers a Profitable Solution to the Plastic Molding Industry

955 eBrik II LDT Offers a Profitable Solution to the Plastic Molding Industry

Ametek (United States) - Injection plastic molding is a classic automated process that is expensive before started. The profits come with the scale of production, repeatability and precision.

The precision will often be measured by either a linear potentiometer or LDT, Linear Displacement Transducers. Potentiometers are usually very low priced, and functions by creating voltage accordingly to the mechanical placement of a tap or wiper. This is providing sufficient measurement but… the tap is subject to a significant amount of wear from constantly moving position. The wear will in time cause incorrect position measurement, which can lead to malfunctions of the automated production line and obviously the need for a new displacement measurement device. 

Changing a measurement device may not seem expensive on hardware budget, but consider the cost of faulty production, shut-down of production line and the tech hours – an automated production line that does not run, is extremely expensive.

Plastic injection molding are all about precision, long lasting precision means better productivity which lead to better profitability. There are several significant reasons to switch the old potentiometer technology to a modern magnetostrictive LDT such as the Gemco 955 eBrik II from AMETEK Factory Automation, works with a virtually contact free sliding contact, which enables exact measurement without experiencing wear on the magnetostrictive part at all. The measurement is performed with a precision of up to 0,006% of the working span (depending on the model), which is programmable.

The sensor housings is delivered matching the individual machine, in lengths of up to 74”. The electronics inside the linear position switch is protected by the IP67 encapsulation, which means the production will not be stalled because of the electronics being contaminated with dust or particles from the process.

955 eBrik II Magnetostricive Linear Displacement Transducer is not only providing the programmability that is needed to achieve the perfect measuring conditions and control, but it is an economical solution, that will last and, most importantly, it will help securing the automated process, the products and the profitability.

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