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Sensy S.A. (Belgium)

We are an independent SME company based in Belgium that develops and produces standard and custom-made force sensors, torque sensors, load-limiting sensors, calibration services and tensiometers. We specialize in customized load cells, which we design to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers.

Thanks to our 30 years of expertise, we can offer our customers solutions that are suitable for, and can be adapted to any required environment; such as the sub-sea and marine environment, the aerospace and space environment, the nuclear and hazardous environment (ATEX), SIL3 and so on.

The wide range of our products, their flexibility and quality, and our know-how and experience are just some of the reasons why SENSY has acquired a reputation worldwide.

Our wide range of products and our expertise allows us to be active in a wide variety of markets, including:

Crane and harbour sector
Oil/ gas sector
Maritime and sub-sea sector
Testing machinery sector
Mechatronics and automotive industry sector
Aerospace and space sector

Main Products

Load Limitation of Hoisting Devices, Standard Reference Transducers (ISO376), Force Measurement, Torque Measurement, Custom Made Transducers, Load cells, Subsea Load Cells and Load Pins, Running line tensiometers, Multi-axial Transducers, etc.

Contact Details

  • Sensy S.A., Z.I. de Jumet, Allée Centrale, BE-6040 Jumet, Belgium
  • +32 71 25 82 00
  • +32 71 37 09 11

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