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Nol-Tec Systems, Inc. (United States)

Nol-Tec is recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of pneumatic conveying equipment for processing dry bulk materials. We have experience handling hundreds of different products from a wide range of industries enabling us to deliver reliable and cost-effective bulk material handling systems. Our in-house test lab provides clients with the confidence they need to make informed decisions about their new system design, upgrade or retrofit. Industries include automotive, battery, biotechnology, building materials, ceramics, chemicals, fiberglass, food, glass, mining, oil & gas, and tire & rubber.

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Pneumatic conveying, dry sorbent injection (DSI), activated carbon injection (ACI), electrostatic precipitators, pneumatic blending, batching & weighing, controls & automation, dust collection, glass batching, manufacturing, SO2 removal, bulk material handling, OEM, dense phase conveying, systems design, start-up, commissioning, After marketing service e particulate control.

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