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Meili Robots (Denmark)

Meili Robots provides a universal fleet management system (FMS) for mobile robots. Coming as an integration, Meili FMS enables users to manage their entire fleet from one platform, regardless of model, type, or brand of robot. 

Our end-users are found in warehouse and factory environments, with our direct customer profiles being OEMs and integrators. To optimise operational efficiency and safety, Meili FMS includes 3 key features: task allocation, route planning, and traffic control.

Meili FMS is purposely built to be simple, user-friendly, and intuitive to onboard. We have a strong focus on our core features and providing a more cost effective solution. Via seamless third-party integration, Meili FMS brings a whole new level of automation and Industry 4.0 readiness without needing to install additional infrastructure at the robots’ facility.

Main Products

Our fully integrated universal fleet management system for mobile robots, Meili FMS, enables operators to collate their fleet onto one platform to guarantee maximised efficiency and operational safety. Our main features include:
1) Task Allocation to manage all aspects of automated and non-automated assignments
2) Traffic Control to predict real-time bottlenecks and regulate traffic at intersections
3) Route Planning to optimise efficiency and prevent obstructions or delays
4) User Management to register and manage robot fleets based on parameters using different user roles
5) Map Edition to keep maps up-to-date by adding a new details e.g. safe zones, obstacles, and docking stations

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