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I.M.S. Ltd (Israel)

Industrial Measurement Systems Ltd, has more than 30 years of experience in Designing and manufacturing control systems and interface boards for Load Cells. We emphasize on real-time applications and all our boards are designed to fit industrial environment. Our LCIC-WIM controller, considered to be the most advance controller for weighing Trucks and Trains in motion.

Our products allow the OEM manufacture as well as a sophisticated end-user to easily develop their own PC/PLC based controllers; saving hardware development cost and software engineering time, and offering the market the most advanced products in terms of accuracy and speed.

I.M.S was also the first company in the world to introduce a handy Load Cell Tester device (LCT) which is being sold all around the world under different trade names. The LCT became the world's most popular Load Cell Tester with thousands units being in use by technicians and end-users.

With our extensive knowledge of end-user's demands and manufacturer's requirements which based on our experienced engineers that are with the company for many years, we committed to fit most advanced real-time weighing and measuring applications allowing OEM and sophisticated end-users to offer the market the most advanced controllers for their systems.

Main Products

LCIC-WIM - Very high speed Load Cell Interface controller. Comes embedded with the full application like: Weighing trucks and trains in motion, Weighing packages while running at high-speed on a conveyor, loss-in-weight, Checkweigher, etc.; LCT-Ultimate - a versatile hand-held battery operated device especially designed for full troubleshooting of any Strain-Gage based Load Cell and scale.

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