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B-TEK Scales, LLC (United States)

B-TEK Scales has a proud history that reaches back further than its 1994 inception. With multi-generational trade experience, the B-TEK team brings over 80 years of industry know-how to the table. That long term knowledge of the weighing industry enables B-TEK Scales to focus on bringing new and innovative solutions to our customers.

In 2003, to continually improve the technology B-TEK Scales offers its customers, B-TEK announced a joint venture with the Bilanciai Group of Modena, Italy. Bilanciai and its partner companies manufacturer more than 2,500 motor truck scales per year worldwide. Bilanciai Group's advanced manufacturing techniques and scale technologies, in conjunction with B-TEK Scales' outstanding truck scale product lines, yields many advantages that B-TEK's competitors can't offer. The B-TEK and Bilanciai joint venture is headquartered in Canton, Ohio USA.

B-TEK Scales offers an extensive line of motor truck scales spanning across all industry applications. B-TEK Scales offers a variety of scale solutions for a wide range of budgets and requirements. B-TEK Scales has the ability to manufacture full electronic digital, analog and electro-mechanical motor truck scales.

B-TEK is known for its ability to manufacturer custom scale platforms. From non-standard sizes to retrofitted components, B-TEK's commitment to quality and service will deliver a product that fits seamlessly within our customers' current configuration.

Main Products

Truck Scales, Axle Scales, Bench Scales, Counting Scales, Crane Scales, Custom Scales, Drum Scales, Electronic Accessories, Floor Scales, High Impact Scales, Hopper Scales, Weighing Indicators, Load Cells, Load Cell Mounts, Monorail Scales, Portable Scales, Rail Scales, Rental Scales, Weighing Software and Systems, Test Equipment

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  • B-TEK Scales, LLC, 1510 Metric Ave SW, Canton, OH 44706, USA
  • 330.471.8900; Toll Free: 800.266.8900
  • 330.471.8909

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