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ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH (Germany)

ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH was founded in 2013 as a spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The vision: to make the world of robotics accessible to companies of all sizes and to enable cost-effective and simple robot programming.

The Software Robot Programming Suite makes textual robot programming superfluous. The user can implement his application via a graphical user interface by creating motion sequences, so-called templates, using drag & drop. By integrating the most common grippers, camera systems and force-torque sensors, robust sensor-adaptive applications can be programmed quickly. The manufacturer independent software supports currently six robot manufacturers.

Main Products

ArtiMinds develops and sells software products to intuitively program complex, sensor-adaptive robot motions for robot-arms, grippers or tools and to easily visualize and inspect live-data during operation. The software products, ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite (RPS) and ArtiMinds Learning & Analytics for robots (LAR) empower the user in various ways:
ArtiMinds RPS represents a new era of automation with its flexible and universally applicable template-based programming approach. Create robust solutions that are easily adapted to fit various applications. The different software packages can be combined as required and equip your robot with the necessary intelligence to optimally solve your application.
ArtiMinds LAR allows for easy operation of complex robot applications set up with ArtiMinds. It connects to your in-house database, permanently stores and categorizes data throughout the robots operation and guarantees traceability. Easily create and customize dashboards to visualize, inspect and monitor the robot operation. If a monitored process is out-of-limits, you’ll receive a notification accordingly.

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