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Althen Sensors & Controls BV (Netherlands)

Althen Sensors & Controls is your expert partner for standard or customized sensor and measurement solutions. We stand for advanced, customer-specific solutions in the area of metrology and precision sensors. We are constantly looking for new innovative measurement methods, to be able to solve our customer’s demanding measurement challenges. Welcome at Althen.


Our in house design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to develop customized sensor solutions and offer a high degree of flexibility for non-standard products.

Our product range covers all physical quantities, from pressure and force to displacement and acceleration. In addition to our sensor solutions we offer complementary services such as: calibration, design & engineering, training and rental service. Althen is known for its flexibility, experience, and quality. We are ready to supply you with the best sensor solution possible.

Our main operating market is Western Europe and USA, with offices in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, UK, and the USA. You will find our sensor solutions in almost any branch. Our solutions can be divided into three main application areas: OEM sensors, Test & Measurement sensors, and Industrial IoT sensor solutions.

With over 40 years of experience with sensor technology, Althen is your expert partner. Get to know us.

Main Products

Sensors for physical phenomena, Heavy Duty Joysticks, Foot pedals,Trackballs, System engineering, Customized sensors, Instrumentation and Process Converters, Dataloggers, Propeller Shaft Earthing & Potential Monitoring, Special railway sensor measurement systems

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