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6 River Systems (United States)

6 River Systems (6RS) is an industry-leading solutions provider working to make fulfillment faster with innovative products that generate immediate and lasting value for our customers. Through an award-winning combination of collaborative robots, artificial intelligence and operational expertise, 6RS makes your entire fulfillment workflow more efficient. Our flexible, easy-to-deploy solution creates a work environment that makes it easier to attract, train and retain associates, while powerful software delivers actionable insights that enable your business to quickly adapt or scale to meet changes in demand.

Founded in Waltham, Mass. in 2015 and acquired in 2019, 6 River Systems is part of global commerce company Shopify Inc. Founders Jerome Dubois and Rylan Hamilton were previously executives at Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics).

The 6 River Systems solution is operating in facilities in the U.S., Canada and Europe, fulfilling millions of units each week for companies including Lockheed Martin, CSAT Solutions, ACT Fulfillment, DHL, XPO Logistics, and Office Depot. To learn about 6 River Systems and its wall-to-wall fulfillment solution, please visit

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Fulfillment, Software, Automation, E-Commerce, Logistics e Warehouses...

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  • 6 River Systems 271 Waverly Oaks Road Suite 400 Waltham, MA 02452
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