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42Q (United States)

42Q is a leading provider of cloud MES solutions. Our mission is to deliver scalable, flexible and easy to implement manufacturing solutions to our customers. Our management team has extensive experience with the architecture, development and implementation of advanced MES and manufacturing automation systems deployed across a broad range of vertical markets.

42Q provides users with a cloud-based MES that offers advantages in efficiency and cost relative to legacy, on-premise solutions. 42Q provides simplified access, ease of use and higher system uptimes. Servers, data storage devices, networking equipment, and software are all accessible within a powerful, streamlined cloud environment. By combining multiple IT components into a single, optimized cloud solution, 42Q provides scalability with minimal overhead and infrastructure.


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Cloud MES, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Manufacturing Operations Management Systems, Discrete Manufacturing Solutions, Compliance Management Solutions, Track, Trace and Genealogy Solutions

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