Zaber Technologies' New Vacuum Compatible Vertical Stages with Built-in Controllers

Zaber Technologies' New Vacuum Compatible Vertical Stages with Built-in Controllers
Zaber Technologies, Inc. (Canada) – Zaber’s new vacuum vertical stages (X-VSR-SV) with built-in controllers are compatible for high (10-6 Torr) and low (10-3 Torr) vacuum environments. The built-in controller allows daisy-chaining with other Zaber products, and requires only four feedthrough wires to control all units in the daisy-chain via serial port (with an X-PIB adaptor). The X-VSR-SV is capable of speed up to 48 mm/s and up to 200 N thrust with a 10 kg load capacity.

  • This device comes with a built-in controller, which saves you time and effort
  • The unit is vacuum rated to 10-6 Torr. All components are chosen for low outgassing and low CVCM
  • The user can easily make this device do a complicated series of moves with Zaber free software
  • Installation is "easy as 1-2-3"
  • This device daisy-chains power with X-Series devices and data with any Zaber devices

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