Zaber's Motorized Linear Stages for Automating Industrial Applications

Zaber's Motorized Linear Stages for Automating Industrial Applications
Zaber Technologies, Inc. (Canada) - Zaber’s LSQ Series of motorized linear stages are computer-controlled, motorized linear stages that provide smooth and precise motion. These stages are available with built-in controllers and/or feedback encoders (A-LSQ-E), or without (LSQ).

Versions without built-in controllers are designed for use with Zaber Technologies’ A-MCA single-axis controllers or A-MCB2 two-axis controllers, or any third-party 2-phase stepper motor controller.

LSQ stages offer various travel ranges, from 75 mm to 600 mm. With a load capacity of 20 kg, 100 N thrust, and maximum speed of 1 m/s, these stages are ideal for industrial applications that involve moving heavy loads at rapid speeds.

The built-in encoders in A-LSQ-E stages also allow for closed-loop operation and slip/stall recovery features. Versions with built-in controllers can be daisy-chained with any of Zaber’s A- or T-Series devices, with up to 254 units per chain, which helps to reduce cable clutter.

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