Wireless remote control system: Herga adds 2.4 GHz transmitter/receiver system for industrial control applications

Wireless remote control system: Herga adds 2.4 GHz transmitter/receiver system for industrial control applications
Herga Technology Ltd. (UK) – Herga Technology, the UK´s leading switching and sensing component manufacturer, has recently added a new range of 2.4 GHz wireless remote controls for industrial machinery and equipment switching. With a standard range of 30 to 40 metres, the new 6313 and 6314 series transmitter and receiver modules are available with a choice ergonomic handsets with up to 10 buttons and receivers with 5 or 11 relays at 12/24 VDC at 1 A.

The range features robust 16-channel radio frequency technology with simple pairing set-up. With momentary switching as standard and latching available on request, programming modes can be either discontinuous mode where the hand control only transmits when a button is pressed, or continuous mode where the hand control constantly transmits whilst turned on. Furthermore, an interlocking feature allows only one button to be switched at any one time.

The range brings wireless control to doors, gates and barriers and will also suit remote operation of pumps, fans and valves, and other industrial machinery. The choice of three 6313 series handsets includes a 3- or 6-button small size version, a 3-, 6-, 8- or 10-button medium size variant, as well as a highly durable model for up to 10-buttons with extra protection. Handset transmitters may be mixed with a single receiver. The small and medium sized handsets operate with standard AAA batteries whilst the large model features rechargeable li-ion battery power.

The -20 °C to +55 °C operating temperature and IP66/67 protection rating will suit a wide range of environments, including outside use. As with all Herga Technology switching components, customised overlays are available for OEMs with larger batch deliveries. Longer range versions and other custom modifications are available on request.

Herga Technology manufactures a comprehensive range of electrically, pneumatically, infra-red and Bluetooth actuated foot and hand switching controls in standard or custom designs that meet a wide range of international approvals including IEC/UL 60601. Applications include industrial and medical switching across many varying markets and types of equipment.

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