VIA Labs Announces Launch of USB4 Device Silicon

VIA Labs Announces Launch of USB4 Device Silicon

VIA Technologies, Inc. (Taiwan) - VIA Labs, Inc. (VLI), a leading supplier of SuperSpeed USB, USB Power Delivery Controllers, and now USB4 controllers unveiled the VIA Labs VL830 USB4 Endpoint Device. USB4 is a major update to the USB architecture, enabling multiple simultaneous data and display protocols to share a single high-speed link with support for a maximum aggregate bandwidth of 40Gbps. VL830 offers both USB and DisplayPort functionality and operates at full performance when used with Thunderbolt™ 4 or USB4 systems, and is also backward compatible with previous-generation devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones that support DisplayPort Alternate Mode over USB Type-C.

"VIA Labs VL830 represents a culmination of our experience in developing USB Type-C, USB Power Delivery, and USB 3.2 products, an industry leader in time to market, and contribution and participation in standards development," said Terrance Shih, Business Development Director, VIA Labs, Inc. "USB4 is based on Thunderbolt™ technology and we are very excited to deliver these capabilities at new price points."

The VIA Labs VL830 USB4 Endpoint Device offers up to double the video bandwidth compared to DisplayPort Alternate Mode over USB Type-C and can simultaneously support up to a single 8K 60Hz high-dynamic-range display and several USB 3.2 Gen2 devices, depending on the host system’s capabilities. When paired with a DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport hub, multiple 4K or high-refresh-rate displays can be supported while still enjoying fast SuperSpeed USB data transfers.

VIA Labs VL830 Availability:

The VIA Labs VL830 features an integrated USB 3.2 Gen 2 hub with five downstream ports and a DisplayPort 1.4a output, and it can fully utilize the full 40Gbps of bandwidth offered by USB4. VL830 comes in compact FCCSP 10x10mm package.

The VIA Labs VL830 is already seeing early adoption in USB-C docking station, multi-function adapter, and other product categories. VIA Labs VL830 will be begin shipping to select partners in Q4, 2021.


About VIA Labs, Inc.:

VIA Labs, Inc. (VLI) is a leading supplier of SuperSpeed USB and USB Power Delivery Controllers, based on the latest USB-IF Standards. An owned subsidiary VIA Technologies, Inc., VLI leverages its expertise in analog circuit design, high-speed serial interfaces, and systems integration to create a rich product portfolio that includes USB Host, Hub, and Device controllers in addition to USB PD and charging controllers. VIA Labs, Inc. has demonstrated technology and industry leadership through Standards Development and bringing newly developed USB Technologies to market.

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