Traffic Light Control with Intelligent Transportation System

Traffic Light Control with Intelligent Transportation System

Korenix Technology (Taiwan) - Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is changing the way of how transportation network operates. It not only can provide in-time data, real time surveillance video that help improve safety, it also helps to connect different devices or transmit the information of public transportation to mobile or digital boards in the bus station. More importantly, ITS collects and calculates data that improves the operating system and can further improve the efficiency of the whole city’s transportation system.

One of the most widely applied ITS is the traffic light control system. For traffic light control system, it requires Ethernet redundant mechanism, RS-232/422 to Ethernet converter to remote control traffic light and other traffic sign/display. Korenix has multiple experience in traffic light control and surveillance in intersection. In this case, a topology is built with our JetCon 2301s, JetNet5210G and JetPort 5601.

In this topology, each redundant ring represents 4 sets of traffic light from 4 intersections. JetNet5210G creates a redundant ring with its 2 fiber ports, then, the information will be collected and transmitted back to the traffic control center through JetCon2301S. Due to the long distance between control center and the intersection, fiber converter is a must in the topology. Also, fiber connection allows large data transmission. Through connecting the JetPort5601 to the traffic light controller and linking it to the JetNet5210G then reporting those signals back to the control center, the solution provides Ethernet Ring redundant solution assuring a non-stop data transmitting to the traffic control system.

JetCon 2301S is a slim media converter with only 30mm wide and can be easily installed. It is also compliant with multiple railway standards and supports 4 types of forwarding modes- store and forward, modify cut-through, pure converter and converter with auto- change modes for fulfilling extreme low latency requirements: Fieldbus and EtherCAT. JetCon2301S is designed with 1.5KV Hi-Pot isolation protection and -40- 70°C wide operating temperature, it is a perfect solution for reliable data transmission in harsh environment.

Main Products:

  • JetCon2301S Industrial Fast Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter
  • JetNet5210G Industrial 8FE + 2G Combo Managed Switch
  • JetPort5601 Industrial 1-port RS232/422/485 Serial Device Server

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