Time Savings That Add Up with Murrelektronik’s Relays

Time Savings That Add Up with Murrelektronik’s Relays
Murrelektronik GmbH (Germany) - Relays endure wear and tear which means they have to be continuously replaced. Do it faster with Murrelektronik's MIRO 6.2 Pluggable! This relay features a convenient plug connection. And during service it can be easily replaced by a new relay within a few seconds. These time savings add up to a considerable amount, even with smaller systems.

Relays are exposed to mechanical stress. The contacts wear with each switching operation, in the long run they will wear off. They have to be replaced, before they stop switch completely.

This is a complicated job with conventional relays. Often there are dozens or even hundreds of such components installed in a cabinet, placed side by side. Considering the limited space in a cabinet, disconnecting the wires, exchanging the relay modules and reconnecting the wires requires considerable installation time.

With the relay MIRO 6.2 pluggable, Murrelektronik offers an easier solution!
MIRO 6.2 features a snap-in and ejection mechanism that connects the relay module to the socket. If a relay module has to be replaced - either because the maximum number of mating cycles was reached or because of the maintenance schedule - it can simply be ejected and a new relay module can be snapped in. Wiring is no longer required and the replacement time is considerably reduced, which is a real cost benefit!

The connection terminals of MIRO 6.2 pluggable are designed in the convenient "Push-in" connection technology. The wires that are rigid or have ferrule ends can be directly plugged into the terminal, without using a screwdriver. This is another feature that saves time, especially in applications with many relays.

The relay modules feature LEDs that indicate the switching status. Seven different components are available for input voltages ranging from 6 to 230 V. They are all manufactured with high Murrelektronik quality. MIRO 6.2 pluggable is UL and CSA approved, this make the modules ideal for international use. They are resistant to shock and vibration (up to 15 g). Furthermore, the relay modules are interference-proof to avoid EMC emissions.

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