The Perfect Match - Nordic ID pairs RFID with Android

The Perfect Match - Nordic ID pairs RFID with Android

Nordic ID (Finland) - Nordic ID launches Android powered RAIN RFID Reader. On June 19th, 2018, Nordic ID launched Nordic ID HH53, the company’s first fully Android powered RAIN RFID reader. 

Nordic ID HH53 – High Speed Mobile Smartness Nordic ID HH53 is an all-in-one RAIN RFID handheld reader equipped with Android’s operating system. The touch screen and familiar Android user interface offers an ease-of-use experience as well as supports easy application development. 

“We have developed a solution with extremely high reading speed, up to 1000 tags/second. In terms of efficiency, the Nordic ID HH53 reads over double the number of tags compared to most other readers in the market, as the average reading speed is below 500 tags/second. In turn, this correlates with increased productivity, especially when you have large numbers of items that need to be scanned rapidly.” says Juha Reima, CEO of Nordic ID. “In addition, with a reading distance ranging from 1cm to 10 meters our new handheld covers the most versatile use cases. It can be used for example to search and locate one single item among thousands in a matter of seconds.” Mr. Reima continues.

The device comes in two variants, the ACD and the linear antenna versions.

Nordic ID HH53 ACD is extremely powerful. It is a perfect fit for rapid scanning of, e.g. store backroom deliveries, where large amounts of items need to be read in an instant. With an industry leading operation time of 12 hours in intensive use, it easily covers a daily work shift. It is the reader of choice for heavy duty inventory where accurate long-range reading is a requirement. 

The linear antenna variant, resembling a smart phone, is an excellent choice for scanning small amounts of individual items. It is tailored for quick data collection on the shop floor, in a laundry, at a working station in assembly and other situations where a portable, accurate reader is required. Due to its handy size, it is easy to operate with one hand and fits in your pocket. 

Nordic ID HH53 is compliant with Android applications. This also allows for developers to install either enterprise specific or general applications on the device and develop sophisticated functionalities. 

“The Nordic ID HH53 is the answer to our customers’ needs in stock taking and fast inventory. This Android based all-in-one reader provides the user with an interface familiar from the mobile world as well as the outstanding reading accuracy characteristic of our RAIN RFID devices. Once again we prove that our technical knowledge and RFID expertise enable us to meet the most versatile customer demands.” Mr. Reima concludes.

Nordic ID will be showcasing the HH53 at the Logistiikka2018 trade show on 12-13 Sept in Tampere, Finland and at ExpoDetergo in Milan, Italy on 19-22 Oct 2018. 

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