The New NA Machine Interface from OMRON is bringing technology to life

The New NA Machine Interface from OMRON is bringing technology to life
Omron (Japan) - Designed following careful analysis of real applications and customer requirements, the new NA machine interface makes it fast and easy to implement dynamic, intuitive user interfaces that help boost productivity and minimise downtime by giving detailed real-time and historical insights into machine operation.

Easy and aided programming:
The new NA machine interface is programmed using our unique and comprehensive Sysmac Studio development system, which covers all areas of automation, including logic, motion, vision and safety. This means that the NA machine interface can be programmed alongside the other automation systems, which speeds development and reduces programming complexity.

To further aid program development, the NA machine interface is provided with IAGs (Intelligent Application Gadgets) for common applications, which operate in a similar way to function blocks. Users can even develop additional IAGs to meet their own specific requirements, and full customisation of the way the machine interface operates is possible using

Uses multi-media objects:
Powerful multimedia facilities are incorporated, which make it possible to combine a wide range of media types including, for example, PDF files, video and data, to produce machine views that are understandable at a glance. It is also possible to incorporate videos showing how to perform particular procedures, and documentation in PDF format, which can never get lost and which can be accessed instantly whenever it is needed.

Different models available:
The new NA machine interfaces are available with wide-format 7-, 9-, 12- and 15-inch screens. The screens use resistive touch technology, which operates reliably even when users are wearing gloves and, in addition, three programmable function buttons are provided. Connectivity features include two Ethernet ports, two USB ports and a serial connection.

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