TECHBASE Group’s ModBerry - World’s first Industrial Computer based on new Raspberry Pi Compute Module

TECHBASE Group’s ModBerry - World’s first Industrial Computer based on new Raspberry Pi Compute Module
TECHBASE Group sp. z o.o. (Poland) - ModBerry device is a high performance, energy efficient, full-fledged industrial computer with the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module as basis. The Device targets the automation and installation markets with innovative approach of multi-leveled user access cloud management. Device is now ready for pre-order on the same day as the Compute Module Development Kits hits the market.

Hardware resources:
The device is equipped with a 700 MHz Broadcom processor, along with 512 MB of RAM and 4GB NAND flash storage. It has numerous interfaces, most notably RS 485/232 serial ports, CAN and very economical 1-Wire buses, all of which are widely used in automation industry.

Besides that, ModBerry has Ethernet, USB and HDMI ports along with analog audio output. It also provides support for wireless communication, such as Wi-Fi, LTE/3G/GPRS cellular modems or Bluetooth technology. The Device's capabilities can also be expanded by having up to two internal extension cards installed.

ModBerry is durable - ready for tough industrial conditions and designed for automation, monitoring and installation market. And it is all stored within a small, sleek case.

Why have we used Raspberry Pi?
There have been over 3 million Raspberry Pi units sold and it seems most likely, that it is here to stay as a new standard in embedded computing industry. Compatibility and commercial support – with Raspberry Pi being around for few years, ModBerry is backwards compatible with original board and reaps the benefits of organization, community and producer support and millions of documentation pages.

Basic software resources:
Raspberry supports Raspbian – a free operating system, based on Debian GNU/Linux, which is the most stable Linux distribution available, with over 35,000 packages, that dramatically extends this platform's capabilities, pre-compiled and easy to install, using simple tools. On top of that, ModBerry comes with software developed by TECHBASE targeted specifically at automation and installation markets, which includes iMod, iModCloud and iModWizard.

iMod Platform:The iMod platform, TECHBASE’s approach to simple, zero-programming controller, has many functionalities and at the same time is easy to configure. It combines ease of use, characteristic of simple devices with possibilities of an embedded computer. With ready to use solutions, users will significantly reduce the time necessary to launching any installation.

The installations based on the iMod platform operates for many years in many countries around the world and it's the main TECHBASE development line.

Fast startup:
iMod equals fast startup and requires no programming knowledge. All you need is iMod configuration file, which can be created with a few clicks in iModWizard. You can update software and configure services through iModCloud and constantly increase functionality of the device.

iModCloud integration:
TECHBASE believes that correct managing is the most important thing in every stage of a project. The company offers such possibility through their cloud software – iModCloud.

ModBerry 500 is fully integrated with iModCloud. It is not the first industrial Raspberry Pi based module but it is also the first, ready to use computer that utilizes software in cloud designed for automation market that provides multi-leveled access to both designer and end user. Powerful and flexible sharing model allows to dynamically create different user profiles depending on needs – from system designer or integrator, through local administrator, to end user.

Apart from the basic installation management like software updates or device grouping and aforementioned access control, iModCloud sports numerous other functions like data visualization capabilities – through data tables or charts, maps, with GPS-enabled devices marked on them, file management and a robust notification, custom-based actions system.

ModBerry 500 is easily configured using built-in cloud application called iModWizard, which allows to create complex configurations through intuitive GUI and minimal user interaction.

All of that can be accessed and have been accomodated to smartphones or tablets. iModCloud service provides the highest security level due to SSL certificates and encrypted VPN communication.

UseCases of ModBerry 500:
ModBerry can operate in various environments and be configured for wide range of assignments. Devices based on iMod platform operates in many places around the world and performs many complex tasks, such as monitoring and controlling power stations, GSM base stations, wind farms.

Through PLC functionality support, the iMod platform has a wide range of applications in general automation market. ModBerry can be used in the growing market for “intelligent buildings” just as well. All of the configuration, control and management can be done in one place – iModCloud.

About TECHBASE - the company that is behind ModBerry project:TECHBASE is experienced company in the field of automation, as well as in industrial computing market. The goal of the company is to provide plug'n'play systems offering wide range of ergonomic solutions at every stage of use.

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