Take your sustainability efforts to the next level with the New Nordic ID next generation Handheld Reader and IoT-Platform

Take your sustainability efforts to the next level with the New Nordic ID next generation Handheld Reader and IoT-Platform

Nordic ID (Finland) - Nordic ID launches a new handheld reader, the Android-based Nordic ID HH83, and the Nordic ID Radea IoT-platform for PaaS-applications. These innovative additions to Nordic ID offering, enable customers to track both items and material flows in real-time. Accurate visibility to inventory has a positive impact on sustainability efforts as it supports decisions that help decrease the strain on natural resources.

For Nordic ID customers, such as fashion & apparel companies, sustainability has grown to become an impactful competitive factor. As the processes for manufacturing clothes consume large amounts of natural resources, minimising surplus and curbing overproduction become increasingly important to manufacturers.

”Our solutions provide our customers with more accurate and up-to-date information on their flow of goods, inventories and the product range in each store. We enable our customers to collect item data, as well as consolidate and analyse it, which helps them to make better decisions both from a sustainability standpoint as well as from a business perspective. When our retail customers have real-time information about their stock balance, they can serve their customers better – which is proven to correlate with a growth in sales,” says Juha Reima, CEO of Nordic ID.

The Nordic ID HH83 handheld reader has a revolutionary modular build: the exchangeable front end enables RFID or barcode scanning.

The option to turn the barcode reader into a RFID device, or the other way around, extends the lifetime of the device. Nordic ID HH83 had been developed based on the principles for sustainable design. It is the creation of renowned industrial designer professor Juhani Salovaara. His latest Nordic ID design from the 1990’s is still in use by their customers! 

”The starting point for the design is the Nordic design principles: usability, ergonomics and timelessness. Everything stems from the needs of the end-user. We want also this device to be part of our customers operations for many years to come,” says Juhani Salovaara.

In addition to the timeless design, the device is technologically advanced. It is very sturdy, durable and has received IP65-classification.

The Nordic ID Radea -platform (Real-time Accurate Data on Enterprise Assets) is designed for real -time handling and consolidation of collected data. Nordic ID Radea provides companies with real-time data and analytics on the movements and counts of their material- and asset flows. When companies have better insights into their asset flows, they are able to decrease surplus, transportation and excess production. 

Nordic ID Radea utilizes also other sensor technologies than RFID. It can be seamlessly integrated into customers’ existing ecosystems. Deploying the platform is easy and customers can enjoy the concrete benefits the analytics bring, straight away.

 ”I’m very proud that we now extend our offering with these additions. They support our customers efforts to be more sustainable and efficient. Our aim is to further strengthen our position in the industry as a forerunner both technologically and as an enabler of sustainable values,” Juha Reima states. 


About Nordic ID:

Nordic ID is a full service PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions company aimed at becoming the go-to partner for businesses that struggle with managing their flow of items. Our passion for enabling customers to manage their routine operations with ease, speed and efficiency, inspired us to develop all-in-one solutions that help companies to optimize the flow and count of goods. With our full line of RFID tracking devices and a customizable, adaptable cloud platform we simplify once tedious routine tasks and enable total process transparency. Nordic ID is listed on Nasdaq First North.

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