Synerlink Supports Tillamook® Creamery Collection Launch with Inline Cup Filling Machines

Synerlink Supports Tillamook® Creamery Collection Launch with Inline Cup Filling Machines

Synerlink (USA) - Super Store Industries, a co-packer located in Northern California, was looking for a 2-flavor cup-filling solution for its client, Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA), who was developing a unique Tillamook® Creamery Collection product, which features two blended yogurts in every cup so people can create their perfect bite. The product allows for toppings like granola and fruit to be added directly to the unique reusable cup, which also has a snap-on lid. Having learned about Synerlink’s involvement in a project with another American yogurt processor, Super Store turned to a Synerlink solution for filling pots with an ERMI FC 900 machine fitted with a modular duo-fill nozzle filler.

Throughout the course of the project, Synerlink was always available to support both SSI and TCCA’s teams in the design, development, testing and installation of the filler. With very accelerated timelines and unforeseen difficulties, this project was challenging but rewarding. In fact, the spread of Covid-19 and associated travel restrictions and safety measures during the product testing phase did not prevent Synerlink from meeting the timeline or the high-quality filling requirements.

Despite these obstacles, Synerlink met its commitments and secured the client’s complete satisfaction. Synerlink has received messages of thanks from several members of the TCCA team, including Senior Product Development Scientist Anna Ku.

“I would like to thank the entire Synerlink team for their attentiveness and dedication to ensuring the Tillamook® Creamery Collection launch went smoothly,” said Ku. “The product came out beautifully!”

The successful launch of the Tillamook® Creamery Collection cup marks a second major accomplishment in the American premium yogurt market, further solidifying Synerlink’s reputation for delivering quality packaging equipment around the world.

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