SWISCA - Online Automatic Flow Controller FLOBA with Scaime Load Cells

SWISCA - Online Automatic Flow Controller FLOBA with Scaime Load Cells

SCAIME S.A.S. (Switzerland) - SWISCA - Online automatic flow controller FLOBA.

The customer:

Swisca AG designs micro-dosing systems, scales and flow controllers for the food industry, more specifically for flour mills and the grain industry. Exclusively manufactured in Switzerland, Swisca products are renowned throughout the world for their quality and extremely high precision.

Scaime and their local partner, IFPC, based in Zürich, supply the weighing components in Swisca devices and collaborate on the support and development of new SWISCA product ranges.

Customer requirement:

For the FLOBA, a high performance load cell with various capacities depending on the size and throughput of the machine was required by SWISCA for their new FLOBA quantity controller.

The FLOBA is a gravimetric online quantity controller based on the measurement of a centripetal force.

The FLOBA provides a simultaneous continuous dosing of one or several products to manage mixes of various wheat qualities for the milling industry. As cereals and pulses have varying characteristics, each product is calibrated and saved in the quantity controller’s operator terminal or via a remote supervision system.

When several FLOBA quantity controllers are installed, they can be linked to one another and managed from a single operator terminal.

The whole system can be displayed, controlled or calibrated from a smartphone.

Our solution:

Inside the FLOBA controller, the product to be measured drops and slides along a circular blade. The radial movement of the product then generates a centripetal force that is proportional to the mass flow (kg/h). This force is measured at the point where the blade is suspended to the system using a load cell. The flow of solid material (such as powder or granules) can then be calculated and controlled.

To meet their customer needs, SCAIME and IFPC used the F60X load cell. The F60X is made from stainless steel. It provides an IP68 protection level and high precision for weighing quantities from 5 to 500 kg.

Customer benefits:

  • Highly compact device, can be easily integrated into an existing installation. 
  • Extremely reliable and precise quantity calculation, using the F60X load cell and the SWISCA calculation algorithms. 
  • Wide range of maximum weights: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 kgs. 
  • ATEX zone 22 certification for the load cell 
  • Flow calculation not affected by varying product characteristics: elasticity, density, shape or friction.

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