Solving AIoT Puzzles - Innodisk Unites Subsidiaries with All-round Service

Solving AIoT Puzzles - Innodisk Unites Subsidiaries with All-round Service

Innodisk Corporation (Taiwan) - Innodisk, a global provider of industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage is assembling the complex underlying hardware and software technologies needed for an all-in-one AIoT cloud-to-edge solution that will streamline compatibility and shorten application implementation time.

With the expanding number of AIoT devices is rapidly increasing development and management complexity. Creating a unified solution to this management challenge requires focusing on specific vertical applications, ensuring industrial-strength quality throughout, and harnessing the expertise of subsidiaries.

Now, Innodisk is upping its game and extending its renowned industrial memory and storage expertise, bringing these disparate services together in its “AIoT All-round Service” for industrial applications. Consolidating through subsidiary expertise is proving a practical path to achieving these goals. Here’s the current team lineup of the Innodisk Group.

  • Innodisk industrial-grade storage, memory, and expansion cards, as well as an extensive array of cloud and edge-based software solutions
  • Aetina high-performance AI edge computing and GPU-accelerated computing
  • Antzer in-vehicle technologies, with fleet management and data collection capabilities
  • Millitronic wireless networking, providing the wireless 60GHz, WiGig and Wifi 6 know-how for the backbone of IoT infrastructure
  • Sysinno air quality monitoring sensors to round out the measuring package

Together, Innodisk Group provide increasing depth of expertise in various verticals. Take autonomous vehicles for example, Innodisk Group helped implement a system to allow a human driver to intervene with remote vehicle control for one customer. To meet the requirement of low latency and high throughput to ensure a smooth handover, we developed an edge AI solution using Innodisk’s M.2 3ME4 MLC SSD, Antzer’s CAN Bus Mini PCIe card, and Millitronic’s high frequency 60GHz wireless gigabit hub.

The combined solutions from Innodisk Group, infused with industrial quality, and a laser-like focus on specific applications checks all the boxes for implementing an AIoT solution free from the compatibility and management headaches usually associated with such complex systems. Innodisk’s “AIoT All-round Service” provides an all-in-one package to smart automation, smart medical, smart infrastructure, smart warehouse and autonomous vehicles applications plus other emerging vertical applications.

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