Siemens SIRIUS 3UG546: Multi-functional load monitoring relay for DC applications

Siemens SIRIUS 3UG546: Multi-functional load monitoring relay for DC applications

Siemens (Germany) - Siemens has just launched its SIRIUS 3UG546 DC load monitoring relay on the market. The new device is the most compact of its kind for direct current (DC) applications, enabling simple and precise power measurement. The SIRIUS 3UG546 is unique in our industry: It is the first and only DC load monitoring relay to combine current and voltage measurement, power monitoring, communication and various other useful functions in one single, compact device. Until now, several individual components were required for each of these functions. The innovative new approach saves space and costs.

SIRIUS 3UG546 DC load monitoring relay is simply ideal for monitoring industrial applications, and especially battery-based applications. In single- or dual-channel mode, the devices monitor the direct current (DC load circuit), the voltage level and the actual power, and issue a warning if one of these values is above or below the limits defined.

The SIRIUS 3UG546 DC load monitoring relay features a large operating voltage range from 0 to 800 V. The following two current variants are available: 22.5 mm overall width: 2x8 A / 1x16 A; 45 mm overall width: up to 63 A.

The SIRIUS 3UG546 DC load monitoring relay comes with separate counters for energy consumption and energy recovery. Operating hour and switching cycle counters enable preventive maintenance. The switching cycle counter is incremented by one with every detected switch-off of the monitored load, and the operating hour counter indicates the time period during which a measurable current exists. The number of switching cycles and operating hours serves as an indicator as to whether maintenance or the replacement of switching elements, machine parts and plant sections is required.

The devices can be integrated into the TIA Portal and all the relevant parameters can be parametrized via Profinet. Measured and counter values as well as diagnostic messages are transmitted to a controller via Profinet. To enable fast responses to faults detected in the plant, the internal relay serves as a signal output and trips as soon as a value exceeds or falls below a defined limit. In addition, all the counter and measured values monitored can be provided with a warning limit which generates a warning via Profinet whenever a limit violation occurs. However, operation – including fault response – is also possible without Profinet.

The SIRIUS 3UG546 DC load monitoring relay offers high user friendliness and simplified use. No expert knowledge is required for commissioning or data processing.

The SIRIUS 3UG546 DC load monitoring relay is ideal for use in various industries, including: automotive (DC current monitoring in automotive production facilities), robotics (monitoring and energy recovery for robot-integrated processes), e-Mobility (monitoring the energy supplied, deep discharging protection for EV charging), DC energy storage, control cabinet manufacture (DC current monitoring in the control cabinet or in the manufacturing/process units), lighting, and also in autonomously guided vehicles which automatically approach charging stations to charge their batteries.

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