SIKO's New Magnetic Sensor MSK320R

SIKO's New Magnetic Sensor MSK320R
SIKO GmbH (Germany) – In the field of mobile commercial vehicles, safety requirements are increasing, especially within the EU. This presents not only suppliers, but also manufacturers of vehicles, with new challenges. In order to make it as easy as possible for manufacturers to adapt to new requirements, the Buchenbach based firm SIKO GmbH has developed the MSK320R bearing-free rotary encoder. Designed especially for use in forklift trucks, it helps users to implement safety requirements such as EN 1175 (safety of industrial trucks). For example, in AGVs (driverless transport systems), the compact magnetic sensor can be used directly on the wheels for speed or rotation detection.

From two comes one:
To meet functional safety requirements, many manufacturers rely on redundant signals. This can be achieved either by attaching two sensor heads or a redundant sensor. The MSK320R is equipped with two magnetic sensors for redundant position measurement as well as two interpolators. Thus the sensor has has independent output channels (A1. A2. /A1, /A2, B1. B2. /B1, /B2), and can be used in combination with a secure input card in the overall system up to performance level PLd.

Space saving and cost optimized:
Despite the higher component density, the housing of the MSK320R remains very small and compact at 35 x 25 x 10 mm. The advantage of the MSK320R lies in cost and space savings when compared to the use of two separate magnetic sensors with simple channels. There is also no need for the additional wiring and mounting required for two sensors.

Linear or rotary:
By selecting the appropriate scale, the sensor can be used for linear displacement measurement (in combination with the MB320/1 magnetic tape) or for speed detection (in combination with different SIKO rings - for example, the MRI01, MR320, or MBR320 rings can all be used).

Functional even in extreme conditions:
With an IP67 safety rating and a wide operating temperature range from -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185 °F), the MSK320R can also be deployed in extreme conditions. Negative temperatures and condensation in outdoor use, and even extreme solar radiation, are no problem for the sensor. Like all of the magnetic sensors manufactured by SIKO, the MSK320R is also resistant to dust, chips, oils, grease, and moisture.

The MSK320R in continuous operation:
The open, contact-free measuring system is extremely wear-resistant and low-maintenance, and the MSK320R is predestined for long-term use in the field of mobile automation. The MSK320R contains two sensor elements and two signal conditioners, therefore providing two independent output signals A1. A2. B1 and B2 as well as the associated inverted signals /A1. /A2 /B1 and /B2. Combined with a safe input card, the sensor can be used in the overall system up to Performance Level PLd.

Profile MSK320R:
  • Enhanced safety owing to independent output channels
  • 2 magnetic sensors and 2 signal conditioners in one sensor head
  • Small, space-saving housing
  • Reading distance ≤2 mm
  • Repeat accuracy of ±1 increment
  • Great application temperature range of -40 … 85° C
  • Optionally available with Deutsch connectors
  • Cost advantage by installation of one MSK320R sensor instead of two MSK320 sensors

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