Phoenix Contact Security Routers: protect industrial networks easily

Phoenix Contact Security Routers: protect industrial networks easily

Phoenix Contact (Germany) - The new security routers of the FL MGUARD 1100 series from Phoenix Contact allow you to easily and inexpensively protect industrial networks against IT attacks. The devices are optimized for industrial use and, at the same time, are convenient to operate.

The reduced scope of functions allow you to commission the devices quickly, even if you are not fully up to speed with network technology and security. For example, the Easy Protect Mode protects the network cells entirely without the need for device configuration. With a wire bridge, a user-friendly stateful inspection firewall rule set is activated. Based on the incoming and outgoing data traffic, the integrated firewall assistant also creates an automatic recommendation for appropriate firewall rules. And the test mode identifies undefined communication connections. It reports these and recommends supplementary firewall rules.

The security routers of the FL MGUARD 1000 series extend the range for protecting industrial networks. Phoenix Contact already provides FL MGUARD 4000 series devices for operators with established security knowledge.

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