Scanvaegt Case Study: One Supplier of Labels and Labelling Systems

Scanvaegt Case Study: One Supplier of Labels and Labelling Systems

Scanvaegt Nordic A/S (Denmark) - DanePork, Denmark, has chosen Scanvaegt as their supplier of labelling systems as well as labels - by doing so they profit by Scanvaegt's expertise within both areas, which ensures a high label quality and helps prevent production stops.

Applies various labels in one go:

DanePork is supplier of semi-processed products and bulk packings to e.g. smokehouses, catering companies and butcher's shops as well as retail packages to supermarkets. This means that they have to be able to pack and label numerous different products sizes, which makes heavy demands to labelling systems and it-systems for efficient handling of the many orders from various customers.

DanePork handles this job using labelling solutions and it-systems from Scanvaegt, that also supplies the labels, that are applied to the products.

The retail packages are weighed and labelled by an automatical ES7000/ES1000-system, which - in addition to applying the ordinary sales label - also applies an extra campaign label at the same time.

Bulk packs, boxes and pallets are also labelled by Scanvaegt labelling systems.

The customers' private label:

DanePork works with all aspects of enhancing product quality - this also goes for nice product presentation and high-quality packing of the products, making them more appealing and selling even better.

One of DanePork's customers is the supermarket chain Lidl – DanePork labels all their products with Lidl's private brand label ”Vilstrupgård”. The label, which is supplied by Scanvaegt's label printing works, provides the products with a high-quality profile.


  • Danepork’s wide range means various labelling tasks
  • Focus on exposure
  • Often new tasks and changes


  • Flexible and customised product
  • Effective order management
  • Customised labels
  • Close cooperation between Danepork and Scanvaegt
  • Flexible system for correction of orders


  • High label quality
  • Reduces resources for administration
  • Avoids downtime

Online order management:

The Scanvaegt solution also incorporates OrderFlex, which is an order management system, that is integrated up into the economy system, where all customer orders is keyed-in. The integration is 100% online, making any changing of the orders immediately visible in the OrderFlex system, displayed on computer terminals in the packing department.

”It provides us with a really great flexibility and means that we may make changes in the customer orders as late as up to 10.00 a.m., the day before the order is despatched to the customer,” explains managing director Leo Grønvall and adds; ”In addition to this, OrderFlex also manages our returnable packaging, which saves time and eliminates a big job for the administration”.

Chinese symbols? No problem:

With the recently started export to China arose the need for the ability to print chinese symbols on the labels, which previously may have been difficult and time-consuming.

This is no longer the case, as Scanvaegt's software-system incorporates a Uni-Code Text Editor, which transfers chinese symbols to the relevant fields on the labels, making it very easy to change the text or set-up new texts on the labels.

”Having Scanvaegt as supplier, including their expertise within both areas, ensures, that labels and labelling systems function perfectly together, which eliminates production stops and poor label quality.” - Leo Grønval Managing Director.

As few suppliers as possible:

”We prefer having as few suppliers as possible,so chosing Scanvaegt as supplier of both labelling systems and labels was a very deliberate decision”, Leo Grønvall tells and continues;” Having Scanvaegt as supplier, including their expertise within both areas, ensures, that labels and labelling systems function perfectly together, which eliminates production stops and poor label quality”.

Close cooperation is important:

Leo Grønvall wants a close cooperation with his suppliers; ”We want suppliers, who respond quickly and can meet the challenges and new jobs, which we present them for,” Leo Grønvall explains and elaborates, ”- for instance, when we ourselves or the authorities require a change in a report. In such a case we experience that Scanvaegt responds quickly and either solve the job onsite or propose a new solution, so we really appreciate the cooperation with them”.

An expanding company:

Slagtergården St. Lihme has today 140 employees, but plans to increase the staff shortly, in relation with an expansion of the production, where the number of slaughtered pigs will increase as will the further processing of their own products.

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