Robust linear encoders with universal SSI interface (Synchronous Serial Interface) for plug-and-play installations

Robust linear encoders with universal SSI interface (Synchronous Serial Interface) for plug-and-play installations

Leine Linde (Sweden) - Encoders in the Linear 4000 series can now also use the proven communication interface SSI to send position data to a controller. This direct communication is extremely simple and fast, fulfilling the modern roll-gap measuring demands.

The rolling stands in a steel or aluminum mill have to withstand the toughest of environments, with high temperatures, aggressive chemicals, shocks and vibrations. The gap control has to be extremely fast, reliable and accurate, to assure both the quality of the end product and the lowest possible material consumption. The Leine Linde encoder type RLA 4200 features an encapsulated inductive absolute linear scale designed to withstand all challenges provided by this application. The high-speed measurement feedback provided via EnDat, SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface), or other absolute interfaces like PROFINET, PROFIBUS and EtherNet/IP answer to the need for fast data delivery and programmability with fieldbus communication.

Plug-and-play installation:

One of the benefits of the RLA 4200 encoder is that it is a plug-and-play model. It does not need to be mounted inside a cylinder, instead it can be mounted directly on the hydraulic cylinder of the rolling stand. This makes it easily accessible, both for installation and service. Thanks to the absolute scanning principle, the 4200 encoder is ready to measure with quick response immediately when powering up.

With its robust inductive scanning and solid design, this linear 4200 encoder withstands shock, vibrations, and heat. Its construction, with a separate air channel for the bellows, eliminates the need for air compression or filtering. Thereby this very simple yet advanced linear measurement system becomes an extremely cost effective solution, both for the installation and for the use in hot and cold rolling processes.

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