Pepperl+Fuchs’ New FieldConnex® FieldBarrier with an IQ

Pepperl+Fuchs’ New FieldConnex® FieldBarrier with an IQ
Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH (Germany) - Highly intelligent technology ensures maximum availability.

Intelligent fieldbus represents a new generation of diagnostic-enabled FieldConnex® fieldbus components that not only think intelligently - they also intervene much more autonomously to prevent faults. With its most recent product in this portfolio, Pepperl+Fuchs is bringing a new FieldBarrier to the market. The FieldBarrier features physical layer monitoring on each individual output. Benefit from this economical and state-of-the-art technology and achieve the maximum availability of your process plant!

Reliably preventing overload:
The intelligent load management of the new FieldConnex® FieldBarrier provides the greatest protection against segment failures. It activates the outputs in sequence up to the highest allowable load, preventing excessive inrush currents. If an overload is imminent during operation, less critical loads are shed. For load shedding or fault isolation, the output reduces the power supply to less than 1 mA. This prevents excessive loads and protects your process system. After the repair, the FieldBarrier automatically activates the output again.

Innovative monitoring of the physical layer:
For the first time, the new FieldConnex® component allows economical monitoring of the physical layer at the output of the FieldBarrier. Deterioration in the signal quality to critical levels is recognized and reported locally via LED and to the diagnostic software in the control room. This is easily done via the Advanced Diagnostic Module (ADM) without any configuration or addressing required. The innovative monitoring system is another step toward achieving maximum fieldbus transparency.

Progressively locating and isolating faults:
The new FieldConnex® FieldBarrier features functions that were previously only available with the Segment Protector. It detects signal dynamics caused by contact bounce, loose contacts, or vibrating equipment and can differentiate these from regular fieldbus signals. Thus, typical fault scenarios are detected and isolated at each output. This is true even for temporary faults or overload conditions near the short-circuit limit that are difficult to detect and monitor, such as faults caused by the ingress of rainwater.

The right solution for every requirement:
Additionally, the FieldConnex® FieldBarrier sets new standards in cable reach and connectable instruments. Up to three FieldBarriers with 8, 10, or 12 outputs can be operated on one segment with longest trunk lengths – with the total cable length permitted by the fieldbus standard. The new FieldBarrier is available as a preinstalled enclosure solution in a variety of different sizes, materials, and accessories. It is the most compact on the market, and still offers enough room for comfortable threading and connecting of the cables. Select the FieldConnex® FieldBarrier for your plant!

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