Optimal wound management with Herga wireless footswitches: Herga's Bluetooth® footswitch controls the innovative Medaxis’ micro-waterjet device

Optimal wound management with Herga wireless footswitches: Herga's Bluetooth® footswitch controls the innovative Medaxis’ micro-waterjet device

Herga Technology (United Kingdom) - A new ground-breaking machine for medical treatment of acute and chronic wounds includes a Herga Technology 6210 series Bluetooth® footswitch. Developed and produced by the Swiss medical technology company Medaxis AG, the debritom+ cleans acute and chronic wounds precisely by means of a high-pressure micro water jet. The treatment frees chronic wounds from coverings, as well as acute wounds from foreign bodies and can also serve as a preparatory measure for skin grafting.

The micro water jet technology, triggered by the Herga footswitch, stimulates wound healing, preserves tissue and helps reduce the time required for wound treatment with sterile fluid sprayed onto the wound surface at a selectable intensity level. Providing an alternative to conventional surgical procedures such as the scalpel, wound treatment with the debritom+ does not necessarily have to be done by a doctor, requires no anaesthesia, reduces costs and has proven to result in significantly less scar tissue.

The Herga 6210 series Bluetooth footswitch offers the benefits of wireless operation and for this application is supplied with a 6202 series protective cover for safe operation. Like many other footswitch solutions from Herga, the IP67 rated 6210 wireless footswitch complies for use with medical electrical equipment in accordance with IEC 60601-1-2. The energy-efficient Bluetooth Smart enabled footswitch has a reduced power consumption over other wireless communication solutions with LEDs constantly indicating battery charge state. With the 6210 receiver card housed in the debritom+, a working range of 10 metres is perfectly suitable for the close-proximity working operation of the machine.

The 6210 series Bluetooth footswitch features one or two transmitter channels, each triggering up to eight switching functions to allow a great deal of flexibility in the control of medical devices. As requested by Medaxis, the debritom+ water jet device has a single switching function but two channels are used for safety. Pairing is straightforward with a dedicated pushbutton and ‘foot-pedal connected’ LED indication the footswitch and the machine. The water jet intensity and many other functions are set on the debritom+.

Herga Technology is a UK manufacturer and designer of electrical/electronic, pneumatic, Bluetooth®, other wireless and USB switching products and solutions used for medical and industrial applications. A comprehensive standard range with large stock availability includes optional switching characteristics, electrical interfacing, mounting styles, and various housing colours. Herga also designs and produces large volume OEM customised switching and sensing solutions that match the customers’ requirements.For further information on Herga’s footswitches, hand controls and switching solutions, please visit Herga’s Website.


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Herga 6210 Bluetooth® Smart footswitch and receiver pcb.

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