OPC Day Europe 2014

OPC Day Europe 2014

On April 04, 2014

OPC Day Europe 2014 – Hosted by Festo. From May 14-15, 2014, at Festo AG, Ruiter Str 82, 73734 Esslingen, Germany.

This event is open for OPC members and non-members.

Benefits of attending:
  • Attendees get to hear from the experts about OPC technical updates, information modeling and certification
  • Attendees get in-depth knowledge on how they can increase market share for their products using the OPC technology
  • Show commitment from international companies for support of our OPC standards
  • Scalability: OPC-UA in sensor level for energy measurement
  • Identifcation: Standardization in RFID Readers
  • Integrated: PLCopen-OPC-UA client in PLC controller
  • Vertical: From production line into SAP/ERP
  • Vertical: UMCM plus OPC-UA: The new "USB connector" for MES systems
  • Human-Machine-Interface: OPC-UA on browser based mobile devices
  • Water treatment: M2M and Internet of Things IOT
  • Smart Metering: Measurement information form sensor into billing systems
  • Cloud: Easy secured connection from sensor into cloud
  • Demonstrations OPC UA: From controller to MES/ERP IT Enterprise

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