Onboard Wi-Fi and Seamless Train-to-Ground communication for Rail Network

Onboard Wi-Fi and Seamless Train-to-Ground communication for Rail Network

Korenix Technology (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland) - Onboard Wi-Fi and Seamless Train-to-Ground communication for Rail Network.


An electric locomotive company needed to develop and build trains that can run in and across borders of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The locomotive company has chosen Korenix to build train-to ground data communication, passenger information system (PIS) and onboard Wi-Fi for passengers. For train-to-ground data communication, the project requires onboard Ethernet switches and wireless AP to provide reliable network topology and provide power for IP cameras and speakers on each carriage. The wireless AP not only ensures seamless wireless network to transmit data to train station, it also provides onboard Wi-Fi for passengers.


To achieve the train-to-ground network application, Korenix offered a variety of rugged M12 anti-vibration connector products that could ensure the onboard and trackside railway network.

An industrial wireless AP JetWave 3220 is used as an intermediate device for the solution which performs the last mile networking connection. Its dual radio configuration includes 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and 2.4G/5G bands and new generation 802.11ac MIMO technology. The multi-radio offers a high data rate of up to 866Mbps per radio, providing flexible wireless backbone deployment option and the redundant wireless connections to increase the reliability of the entire wireless network due to its dual radio bridge and redundancy. It not only provides train-to-ground communication, but also offers wireless services on board to passengers. As JetWave 3200 series can be used as wireless access point, network designers could easily achieve the integration of wired and wireless networks.

Korenix JetNet 7714G-M12 is a layer 3 switch for routing management. The JetNet 5512GP-HVDC is a full GbE PoE switch that not only provides power to camera but also collects data from cameras, speakers and DVR. The application demonstrates edge networking on train. With the combination of two switches, Korenix provides a reliable solution with rail related certificates for performing the passenger information system.

Korenix integrated wireless and wired products into several solution such as PIS, Wireless service and CTBC. The solution has shown the compatibility between Korenix products and the multiple software features such as SNMP, OSPF, VRRP, Trunking and etc has also satisfied our customer.

All applied products are certificate with railway certification and are able to withstand vibrations, operating temperature ranges from -40 to 70°C and harsh environments. Moreover, excellent after-sales service allow Korenix to help you develop reliable systems that offer passenger a better experience.

Why Korenix:

  1. Wireless and wired integration capability
  2. Korenix network patented offers 5ms recovery time.
  3. 802.11ac wireless products can offer high 866Mbps throughput
  4. Industrial design to overcome harsh environment.
  5. Operating temperature is range from -40 to 75°C
  6. New M12 series switch, L2 JetNet 5500 series, L3 JetNet 7500 series offers the latest EN50155: 2017 rail-certified switches.
  7. New M12 series connectors offer push-pull and regular coexistence to save install or maintenance time consuming and cost.

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