Omron adds Six New Models for the K8 Series Monitoring Relays, complying to global safety standards

Omron adds Six New Models for the K8 Series Monitoring Relays, complying to global safety standards
Omron (Japan) - K8 Series monitoring relays are available worldwide and offer comprehensive machine protection.

Drawing on more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing monitoring relays, the compact K8 series continues the long tradition in providing reliable machine protection and safeguarding. This popular product range has been completed by adding six new models for three-phase monitoring. These additions to the range mean that now, virtually all machine monitoring functions can be conveniently implemented with the same range of products, with the added benefit that all of the products comply with global safety standards.

Reliable, safe and Long-life:
The new monitoring relays feature advanced switching power supply technology and generate almost no heat. This ensures that they have long reliable product lifecycles and also allow the K8 relays to be mounted closely to one another and to other components, saving valuable control panel space.

One complete product line tuned to your monitoring needs:
K8 monitoring relays are available in versions for both single- and three-phase applications and provide a wide range of solutions for detecting common issues such as under- and overvoltage, phase loss, under- and overcurrent, over temperature, phase sequence errors, and voltage asymmetry conditions. It also offers thermistor motor protection relays that directly monitor the temperature of motor windings.

As well as contact-type outputs, all of the new monitoring relays incorporate LED indicators that show equipment status, which greatly simplifies machine troubleshooting and allows corrective action to be taken, before any lasting damage can occur, therefore avoiding costly machine downtime.

Typical applications for these versatile monitoring relays include the protection of pumps and other driven equipment against reverse rotation, guarding against motor damage under overload conditions, and the detection of broken drive belts and similar faults that leave motors running unloaded.

Contribute to reduce number of stock models:
The K8 range includes monitoring relays to suit all commonly used power supply systems around the world, with three-phase types covering the 200 V to 480 V voltage range. This feature, together with global standards compliance and worldwide availability through our distribution network, makes them an ideal choice for use in export projects.

Designed with ease of use and convenience in mind, the K8 monitoring relays feature compact 17.5 mm or 22.5 mm wide housing, depending on the model, and are suitable for mounting directly on to standard DIN profile rail.

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