Nordic ID launches new rugged handheld reader – the Nordic ID HH85 for industrial use

Nordic ID launches new rugged handheld reader – the Nordic ID HH85 for industrial use

Nordic ID (Finland) - For the past years, the number of IoT solutions in warehouses has grown rapidly. Warehouse management systems move online, goods tracking becomes more automated, and operations are connected to a higher extent. All these efforts to link warehouse operations to a transparent supply chain require reliable data input on item level. To cater for the data capturing needs of the industrial segment Nordic ID, known for its innovative RFID solutions, now introduces a new rugged reader.   

Working with goods handling and inventory takes in large warehouses is something completely different than taking care of shipment deliveries to for instance store backrooms. The requirements on tools in the industrial environment are others than in less challenging environments where inventory take is not done throughout a whole shift or the tools are not used outside.  

Requirements for rugged devices in industrial settings:

To cater to the needs of for instance large warehouses and factories, the devices for data capturing need to be far more robust and sturdy than in other verticals. The devices have to withstand rough handling, the risk of being dropped from high up onto concrete floors or being bumped into metal shelves. Furthermore, the size of the facilities (high ceilings and large spaces) affects the requirements. There might not be any place close to charge an empty battery, and with the long distances on the premises even changing a battery requires a lot of time. In order to secure efficient goods handling, like delivery scanning, goods location, and tracking, as well as outgoing shipments, staff needs reliable tools for data capturing in different situations. 

“Our industrial customers have asked for an Android-based rugged device that is specially designed for demanding conditions. The toughest member of our Android family, the Nordic ID HH85, is the answer to the needs of the manufacturing and warehouse segment. The requirements of the industrial warehouse and manufacturing environment differ from that of retail, and Nordic ID HH85 with its rubber buffer, IP65 rating, and the pistol grip is developed to meet the quality standards of this industry,” says Paul Murdoch, Business Development at Nordic ID.  

This durable, yet light handheld is easily operated with gloves. It lasts 18 hours even in continuous use, which has a positive impact on operational efficiency. Not having to charge the battery halfway through the shift lets employees carry out their tasks faster.   

Exceeding the expectations:

The Nordic ID in-house development teams have been working closely together with different industrial customers to build the rugged device they need.  

“I’m proud to say, that once again our development team has exceeded the expectations. The Nordic ID HH85 is a masterpiece in engineering, with a very clean and light innovative -driven design, yet meeting the durability requirements set by the challenging environment in warehouses and manufacturing units,” says Juuso Lehmuskoski, CEO of Nordic ID.  

With the Nordic ID HH85, Nordic ID broadens its range of handhelds. This rugged device is an addition to the growing Android family and expands the company portfolio of data capturing tools.

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