Nidec Leroy-Somer announces the launch of the LSAH 44.3, an alternator designed for cogeneration applications in district heating

Nidec Leroy-Somer announces the launch of the LSAH 44.3, an alternator designed for cogeneration applications in district heating

Nidec Corporation (Japan) - The LSAH 44.3 incorporates an optimized heat recovery system directly connected to the heating circuit, enabling it to reach leading electrical and thermal efficiency values.

The LSAH 44.3 has been designed to be packaged into small natural gas generator sets built for  combined production of heat and electricity. The main application of these gensets are residential and public buildings central heating.

In order to maximize the heat recovery process, the LSAH 44.3 has been designed with a high-performance liquid cooling circuit that connects directly to the heating piping system. The LSAH 44.3 has therefore also been optimized and qualified to operate at high temperature, with a maximum operating temperature set at 80° C.

The LSAH 44.3 delivers a rated power between 50 and 94 kVA at 50 Hz in continuous service (from 62 to 117 kVA at 60 Hz). The alternator is fitted as standard with an AREP excitation system and a D350 regulator. Paralleling with the public network for the resale of electricity production surplus is also possible.

Thanks to its cooling and heat recovery system, the LSAH 44.3 offers top performance, especially in situations of intensive use:

  • The electrical efficiency reaches 97% and generally remains above 95%. These high values allow optimized operation and quicker profitability.
  • Thanks to the optimized cooling system, the lifespan of the machine is increased and allows intensive operation of the system without any risk of failure due to hotspots.
  • Water cooling also allows the use of the LSAH 44.3 in non-ventilated – and silent – generator sets, making their integration in buildings much easier with and without noise pollution for the neighborhood.

From a mechanical point of view, the LSAH 44.3 offers two-bearing or single-bearing coupling and regreasable bearings. The machine structure has also been strengthened and stiffened for better resistance to vibrations caused by gas engines, and the machine itself has been optimized to limit generated vibrations.

Other alternators using the same technologies will be gradually introduced by Nidec Leroy-Somer, fleshing out a complete range covering all market requirements.

"This alternator is a real innovation" said Franck Broussard, Project Manager "We really focused our design efforts on the integration of the alternator as a component in a system, thinking about ways to optimize the global thermal and electrical performance. The result is a product that fully meets market expectations. "

The LSAH 44.3 also offers great versatility. As a synchronous machine, it allows both network paralleling and island modes. This is an additional advantage compared to asynchronous products traditionally used on the this market.

The LSAH 44.3 offers compatibility with the most demanding Grid Codes or network requirements.


About Leroy-Somer Electric Power Generation:

Leroy-Somer Electric Power Generation, a business unit of the Nidec Group, is a leader in industrial alternators with power ranging from 10kW to 25MW. We work with generator set manufacturers and electric power producers worldwide to help the industry provide reliable and efficient power solutions. EPGE has over 3,000 employees, 10 production sites worldwide and a global service network.

About Nidec:

Nidec, the parent company of Nidec Leroy-Somer Holding, was established in Kyoto, Japan in 1973 by its Chairman and CEO Shigenobu Nagamori. In 1979, Nidec became the first company in the world to successfully commercialize a direct drive spindle motor for HDDs based on a brushless DC motor. Since then, the company has grown into a world-leading comprehensive motor manufacturer encompassing more than 300 subsidiaries employing over 100,000 people throughout the world and with annual sales exceeding €11B. Nidec's motors, drives, generators and related products are found in a diverse range of applications including computers, smartphones, home appliances, automobiles, manufacturing plants, robots and more.

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